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    Dota 2 – The Combat Tab

    Dota is probably the most complicated PC game you can play today. There are hundreds of heroes, items and abilities, all with different behavior, complex rules and obscure interactions. How do you make sense of it all? Today we’re incredibly proud to announce a new tool that takes another step forward in helping you better understand the game that you love: a new match page Combat tab, powered by TrueSight.

    You’re probably thinking that you’ve seen this before: abilities, items, heroes, damage, etc. Not so fast, Debbie downer! TrueSight now understands complex interactions in an entirely new way, allowing us to accurately determine every action taken in your matches.
    Every match of Dota is unique, and it’s not enough to just have the data. You have to make sense of it.

    The new Combat tab tells the whole story:

  • How much damage did each hero deal? How much did they take?
  • Did your team comp have enough CC? Was it used effectively?
  • Who did and didn’t shut down the enemy carry?
  • Did your team use their skill shots and cooldowns effectively?
  • Who was being prioritized for damage and crowd control?
  • Damage, Healing, Crowd Control

    The Combat Overview shows a summary of how each hero contributed to the match. It shows damage dealt to heroes by damage type (physical, magical, pure), healing done (to teammates and self), and Crowd Control effects by type and duration (full cc, partial cc, and slows).

    Detailed Ability Statistics

    Every hero has detailed ability and item breakdowns, showing every ability they used. Every ability has a damage type, crowd control effect type (if applicable), with detailed totals and individual stats for enemy heroes. You can expand most ultimates and certain abilities to see every cast with a location, timestamp and statistics telling you how effective it was.

    This is useful no matter what hero you play, but incredibly cool to see for Rubick games. You can see every spell cast and measure your ultimate’s effectiveness against the core hero. Not good at certain spells? Identify them so you can practice and understand their nuances. Check out the recent ESL One Manila Match where Puppey fed black holes to KingR’s Rubick.

    We also went out of our way to gracefully handle difficult to understand interactions. Dark Seer walls are accurately accounted for. You can see damage and effects from Chen’s dominated creeps and Phantom Lancers illusions. Beastmaster has pets and Necronomicon.


    The largest impact is going to be a greater understanding of what makes certain heroes effective. Would you believe so much of Spectre’s damage comes from Dispersion? What about her Desolate compared to her Auto Attacks? There is so much to learn still about what hero abilities and items actually contribute to the match.

    Damage Timeline

    Here’s the kicker: this isn’t just static, pre-computed data. It all fits into a timeline. The Combat Tab includes a chart showing how much damage each ability dealt over the course of the match. This is cool by itself, but it should give you some sense of the underlying data. You can expect a lot of additional features based on this data. We’ll have more to announce in the coming weeks and months.

    Available for all Esports matches and Plus subscribers

    The new Combat tab is available for recent matches that have been analyzed by TrueSight, including all Esports matches and those with one or more Dotabuff Plus subscribers.

    Want the new Combat tab for all of your matches? Sign up for Plus today!

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