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    Dota 2 – Starladder Day 2 Predictions

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    This next week, in partnership with Loot.Bet, we’ll be featuring the Starladder Minor games on the front page. We’ll take a look at the next day’s matches, Loot.Bet’s odds, and call out which matchups have favorable odds. Yesterday, anyone who bet on Flying Penguins to win vs. RNG, at 9:1 odds, had a decent payday.

    Vici Gaming vs. Team Odd

    At 1.07:7.04 odds, it’s quite heavily in favor of VG to win this game, but as with opening rounds in any tournament–upsets can happen. Flying Penguins came out the top of Group A in Day 1, despite being an underdog in nearly every matchup, including a 9:1 odds against RNG. In the case of this series, however, Vici Gaming might be in a completely different tier where the odds aren’t favorable enough to bet against them. They looked strong coming into the upper bracket at MDL Macau, and faced two tough opponents in EG and VP, who knocked them out of the tournament.

    Gambit Esports vs. BOOM ID

    1.22:4.00. Gambit is coming in with some momentum after their 2nd place finish at Katowice. While they’ll be playing with a stand-in, the odds still look to be in their favor. Boom ID is relatively inexperienced on the international stage, and it may take them some time to settle in after the first day of competition.

    Royal Never Give Up vs. OG

    Note: At the time of this post, odds for Winner M1 vs. Winner M2 has not yet been posted

    2.48:1.52. OG has been experimenting in the early stages of the tournament, bringing back Windrunner in the midlane and support Clockwerk. While the TI champions have been slow to return to their original dominance, they’re still a tough team to bet against, especially at these returns. At the same time, RNG has struggled in recent tournaments, at MDL Macau and ESL One Mumbai.

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