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    Dota 2 – Introducing Cosmetics Tracking

    Hello Dota 2 players. Look at your Juggernaut. Now look at ours. Now back at yours. Now back at ours. Sadly, he isn’t yours, but if you stop randomly putting pieces together and use our cosmetics page, he could look like ours.

    If you wonder how we created this “beautiful” set, it’s simple: We looked at every item slot and chose the cosmetics with the highest win rates in every slot. How? With our new cosmetics pages!

    Cosmetics are a vital part of the Dota 2 gaming experience. HUD, terrain, announcers, couriers, heroes and more can all be customized to a player’s wishes and at this point it is unlikely that any Dota game looks like another. Cosmetics have changed the landscape of Dota vastly, with cosplayers crafting their favorite sets and compendiums contributing to large prizepools every year.

    As big as cosmetics may be for the game, browsing them has never been fun, intuitive or easy. Going through the Steam marketplace feels laggy and there’s no clean interface. In-game you may be able to dress up the hero live, but comparing cosmetics with one another isn’t really possible.

    That’s where our cosmetics pages come in. They provide a clean and intuitive browsing experience, where you can either go through each hero page and look for their cosmetics, or browse categories, such as couriers, announcer packs, wards and more. You can easily compare items of the same and/or different rarity with one another or switch to grid-view to directly compare the items by their looks.

    When you find a cosmetic you like, click on it to see it’s currently lowest price on the Steam market or any of the other featured marketplaces. If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks and months, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars anymore, just to try and get the extremely rare cosmetic of a treasure chest. Remember the Faceless Rex courier? How much would you say is that courier worth today? How much did you spend in order to (try and) get it? Today, the Faceless Rex is worth “merely” $13. There are plenty of other cosmetics that were extremely expensive the first time they got released, but by now they’re, for the most part, pretty affordable.

    Every cosmetic page displays where the item is available, in which quantity and in which quality. This way, you can purposely look for or avoid inscribed, autographed or corrupted items.

    In addition to displaying the currently lowest item price available, we also track the last 7 days of an item’s price, so you can make an informed decision when to purchase an item.

    Of course we know that some of you out there wish to have unique looking heroes. That’s somewhat the point of cosmetics, right? To make sure your hero doesn’t look like any other. And since you can’t make every hero purple to avoid confusion with Dragon Knight, you can dress them up. Our popularity chart shows how often a cosmetic item has been used in the past week, so you can avoid using the same Pudge head everybody else is using–seriously though, everyone is using that Pudge head with the wooden board. More importantly, you can track new releases and see how many people are using the DAC cosmetics. Alternatively, if you’ve not been keeping track too well, you can see which treasure chest an item originated from and see if it’s worth the gamble or if you should just directly purchase it.

    The next feature may or may not be useful for everyone, it really depends on what side of the discussion you are on. Cosmetics are not supposed to impact the game whatsoever. Dota is a free to play game after all, cosmetics should just be decorations. That said, there definitely have been cases where parts of the userbase have been very vocal about cosmetics and whether or not they do, or do not impact the game.

    A certain Mirana bow and arrow have become infamous for being too easy to spot (“pay to lose”). Yet, our performance chart shows that the item, in addition to its rather high popularity, is still more successful than the average Mirana cosmetic. Of course this doesn’t mean that the item doesn’t provide an inherent disadvantage, but it’s still an interesting angle to consider, especially now with the release of the Juggernaut arcana, which has been controversially received since its default style has similarities to other heroes.

    Dress up your hero today

    Are there cosmetics that you have always wanted, but thought you could never afford? Do you maybe have a special combination of cosmetics that have a very high win rate? Let us know in the comments below!

    Want to get your site listed on Dotabuff Cosmetics? We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch.

    Our cosmetic feature details in summary:

  • Sort through cosmetics by hero, item slot, rarity, quality or category

  • Track prices, win or usage rate for every cosmetic

  • Find out which treasure chest an item originated from, how long it’s been in the game and how expensive it is on what featured platform

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