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    Dota 2 – Introducing A More Powerful Way To Compare Matches

    Improving one’s skill in Dota 2 can be very difficult. The game has a lot of information to take in that can be especially overwhelming for newer players. Our philosophy has always been to provide users with the necessary tools to take on the challenge that is rising in the ranks and/or MMR, which is why we’ve been looking forward to today.

    Today we are proud to present a new tool that will be added to the match page of every user profile. From today onwards, Plus users will be able to directly compare matches and match stats with one another. You can now give your browser a rest, as you won’t have to tab between a multitude of tabs anymore. Instead, your “/matches” page will feature stats comparisons for you: From last hits at various stages of the game to the vision and detection you buy, we now have all the crucial details that you’re used to from TrueSight parsing right here for your comparing pleasures. The filters on your /matches tab, which allow you to filter by role, lane and hero–so virtually anything–make it easy to pinpoint specific areas of improvement.

  • How many last hits do you usually have at certain stages of the game on Anti-Mage?
  • How much damage do you deal per game as a carry?
  • Is the rate at which you participate in kills declining?
  • Do you purchase sufficient amount of vision and detection every game?
  • What’s your standard item build on x hero?
  • Analyze farming spikes and lows

    For those that spam heroes to grind MMR or that simply wish to improve on a hero, the farm tab will be especially interesting. Here you can see how many last hits you have at various stages of the game and can directly see when your farm is exceptionally good or when you need to step up your game. Even if you compare different heroes with one another, you may notice that you have bad tendencies to neglect your farm, or perhaps you gradually become better and the laning stage is where you need to improve further.

    Improve Your Teamfight Impact

    The Combat tab, similar to the Combat tab on match pages, shows damage dealt, breaking it down to the type of damage dealt and how often you’ve hit enemies. Perhaps you didn’t realize that as Lina, you deal a significant amount of damage with right-clicks and physical damage, as opposed to just nukes?

    Healing values and crowd control are listed as well, so that you can better see if your Earthshaker play is up to snuff or if there’s still a long way to go.

    Adjust your teamfight presence

    There are times when carries need to decide when to join fights and when it is better to split push and farm. Do you perhaps mindlessly leave your teammates to die or are you the more trigger happy carry that likes to jump at any kill possible?

    And when you play heroes that thrive on killing, do you perhaps die too often and feed all the gold you earned through killing back to the enemy? Giving away a kill streak can be costlier than one might think! By looking at your teamfight presence, or the lack thereof, you can head into future games with a specific goal in mind. Perhaps the next game you try to be part of as many fights as possible between the 20-30minute mark? Maybe you’ll try to stay away from fights and focus on your midgame farming first. Check back with the farming tab and see if the amount of teamfights you take part in hinder your farm, or whether or not you could spent more time with your team.

    Objective Gaming

    At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whose throne falls. Carries especially are tasked with taking down objectives, but do you really focus sufficiently on taking down towers and buildings?

    Has it perhaps also been aegis..ehh ages since you actually took down Roshan yourself? Make sure to not lose focus on what’s important.

    > We need Wards!

    If this chat wheel command bugs you a lot, then the vision tab is likely for you. While buying a lot of wards doesn’t necessarily equate to good support play, it’s a good way to keep tabs on whether or not you buy sufficient amount of wards every time you support, or perhaps you purchase too many?

    Learning Skill Builds

    When learning to play new heroes, people often look to find the right skill build. There is never a true “right build” for everyone, both because every game has different circumstances but also because the meta changes and people approach the game differently as time goes on. As a result, learning what abilities to skill, especially now with talents, is more preference at this point. A preference that can now be ironed out better with our abilities tab, that will showcase all the different abilities skilled at every level.

    Finding the right starting items

    The laning stage is an important aspect of every game and as such, choosing the appropriate starting items is very important. Every hero has different needs, some heroes lack the proper damage to last hit and some just need a lot of regen to persevere. While circumstances can change from game to game, it will generally improve your growth if you figure out a starting build that works for you in virtually any game.

    It’s worth looking into both the Items tab and the Farm tab and see, which item builds yield the generally best results for early farm. Do you need more stats to last hit more consistently, or do you need more regeneration to weather any harassment in lane?

    Available to all Plus users

    The new comparison feature is live right now and is available to all Plus users, and every Plus user will be able to compare matches on any other profile. This is especially interesting when it comes to pro players and their performances, both in pubs and in pro play. How does Miracle farm with Anti-Mage, how often is Maybe involved in kills and how much does Kuroky spend on vision? You can now find out!

    We’d like to thank each and every Plus user for their support, without which we wouldn’t be able to put as much effort into providing these tools as we do. We hope that we can grow this feature with your support and feedback, as we wouldn’t be here without you, thank you!

    Want to compare your own matches and statistics? Sign up for Plus today!

    You already have Plus? Then what are you waiting for? Head to your own /matches page now!

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