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    Dota 2 – Everything Can Work – Position 4 Clinkz Edition

    Image by Virginie Simard

    History of support Clinkz

    Once again, this odd support hero started with Nigma Galaxy and their captain, KuroKy. I’m sure some pub player might claim they were the first to play Clinkz as a support but KuroKy is the one that made it known on the big stage, and won with it.

    During the WeSave! Charity Play EU & CIS tournament, Team Nigma picked support Clinkz five times during the playoffs, going 3-2 with him.

    In the semi-finals against Team Liquid, KuroKy picked Clinkz every game during their four game series even after losing game one.

    In the grand-finals against HellRaisers, KuroKy picked Clinkz once in a game he lost.

    The results speak for themselves, Team Nigma had a positive record with a support Clinkz in a major tournament against the region’s best. In most of those games, Team Nigma played Clinkz as a support in an aggressive tri lane.

    With the changes to the lane creep set up in recent patches, Dota may be seeing a break from the standard 2 1 2 lane towards a more flexible set up like in the olden days of Dota. Or maybe KuroKy is bored after playing professional Dota for 10+ years and he misses playing carry heroes.

    Pub game stats

    In the Dotabuff meta page, Clinkz has a 52.99% win rate in the Divine/Immortal tier with a 1.34% pick rate in the off lane. In the Ancient tier, Clinkz has a 51.23% win rate with a 1.07% pick rate.

    That places him at the 16th best win rate in the Divine/Immortal tier as an offlaner and 38th in the Ancient tier.

    These aren’t bad numbers when considering Clinkz has almost no functionality in Dota other than his right-clicking.

    Game play as a support Clinkz

    Support Clinkz shines during the early game. In the lane phase, you have the freedom to harass the safe lane carry with your Searing Arrows ability because this allows you to right-click the enemy without aggroing the creeps.

    If the enemy carry or support wants to harass you, then they’ll likely aggro the creeps unless they also have a right-click modifier. If you stay close to your creeps then in a right-click battle, you’re at an advantage because you’ll be able to right click without aggroing creeps and Searing Arrows provides you with a great damage bonus.

    If the enemies don’t fight back against your harass, then your off lane partner has free reign to do whatever they want to, whether it’s harassing the enemies or denying and last hitting the creeps.

    Clinkz is also a hero that can roam around the map early better than most heroes. He has Skeleton Walk which increases his movement speed and makes him invisible so you’ll be able to move across the map quickly and without detection. You can then pop on over to the mid lane and harass the enemy mid with right-clicks after appearing out of nowhere.

    One weakness Clinkz has is his durability. He’s one of the squishiest heroes in the game but thanks to Death Pact, which is now a basic ability, you can get a great health gain and also an easy farming ability. This helps offset his low health and low farming priority as a support.

    After the early game, Clinkz’s effectiveness starts to decline. He doesn’t have disabilities of other supports like Lion or Shadow Shaman and he doesn’t have any saving abilities like Oracle or Dazzle. He contributes almost exclusively damage so if you aren’t able to deal large amounts of physical damage in a short period of time, you’re almost like a ranged creep.

    This needs to be offset with some items like a Diffusal Blade or Orchid’s Malevolence, but if you’re unable to find farm, which isn’t uncommon as a support, then this can be an issue.

    Final thoughts

    Support Clinkz is another hero that isn’t a traditional support but has surprising results. He has a positive win rate in high tier Dota and that’s without a stun, slow, heal, or save, just right-clicks.

    My experience with him wasn’t great. The lane phase was great, I was able to harass the enemy carry easily and they weren’t able to last hit without eating a ton of Searing Arrows.

    The mid and late game was another story. He’s able to farm the jungle quite well but in team fights, I didn’t feel very effective. If I wasn’t dishing out huge amounts of damage then I wasn’t contributing much.

    I did see a lot of potential as a support Clinkz though. If I got used to the game play and strategy as a support Clinkz, I can see him being a very effective hero on the map, regardless of position. He’s able to move across the map very well, he can help initiate by providing vision, he can deal out large amounts of damage, and he can farm the jungle well.

    Clinkz isn’t great at things he’s not great at though. He doesn’t have any natural disables and if you aren’t doing damage, scouting, farming, or split pushing, he feels pretty useless.

    Has anyone tried out support Clinkz? Or won with him as your teammate?

    As seen on Dotabuff

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