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    Dota 2 – Dotabuff Reborn!

    Today we’re very excited to drop the curtain and reveal a few big changes to Dotabuff! If you hadn’t yet noticed, now has a new, more modern design that better matches the visual identity in Dota 2 Reborn.

    Additionally, Dotabuff is now entirely responsive. This means that it is mobile friendly, and works well on a variety of screen sizes. So yes, even those with a Windows Phone can have a nice experience on Dotabuff now (I hope – we never tested it). You can check out your last matches, and even compare all of the detailed Truesight statistics on any device. Elements have been organized to fit whatever screen you’re using, be it your desktop PC between matches, your phone at work the next day, or your tablet while watching a Dota match on your TV. Most importantly, shitposting on the forums from your phone has never been easier.

    Also new is a dynamic homepage full of content: we think you’ll agree that it offers quite a bit more than a search box. If you’re logged in (which we assume you are!), your last 5 matches will be summarized in the top right of the home page. We hope this will make it even easier to recap your day or quickly jump to a match.

    With TI5 rapidly approaching, we also have some exciting additions to the homepage planned for the event. Dotabuff will be the best place to catch up on the event and find interesting stats, regardless of if you’re at home, at a pubstomp or in Seattle watching live.

    For many players their Dotabuff profile is the most direct representation of the time they have invested into Dota. We think that the new Dotabuff offers a much more approachable experience for new players and veterans alike, and should make it easier to share your Dota profile with friends.

    I would love to thank the team who worked very hard on this project, often working through their weekends and forgoing important Dota playtime to make this happen before TI5. I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and we’re confident that the new design will provide a platform to launch additional new and exciting features!

    Thanks for checking out the new site changes, and we would love to hear any feedback you have!

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