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    Dota 2 – Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 3

    Two upper bracket and two elimination matches tomorrow and no chances of repeating teams, so once again the fantasy is going to be pretty straightforward. Follow the highest averages and the series most likely to end up in a bloodbath for the highest score.


    Two excellent options for tomorrow. Emo and Karl are the two highest scoring mids with a massive difference between them and the competition.

    On any other day we would probably go with Karl: T1 typically have longer games and the difference in averages is pretty small. But they are playing Alliance tomorrow and given the level of play we’ve seen from T1 in their series against PSG.LGD, and the level of play we’ve seen from Alliance in their series against Beastcoast, we fully expect this to be a complete and utter stomp.

    Emo is a better option, in our opinion. Invictus Gaming vs. Team Secret should be very close and very entertaining.


    You really can’t go wrong with 萧瑟 and Arteezy as your two choices for tomorrow. They are statistically the best cores playing tomorrow and both of them have close series they are likely to do well in.

    Following the logic in our mid selection, flyfly is also an excellent choice, though his average is noticeably lower. Slot him in if you have a particularly great gold and/or if you don’t believe in EG doing well.

    Don’t forget about Nightfall 凛 in this discussion either. His average is rising rapidly and who knows, maybe Virtus.Pro will be able to deal with PSG.LGD tomorrow. If you truly, truly believe it, put Nightfall in. If Virtus.Pro does win, it is going to be in an unexpected and spectacular fashion.


    This has never been easier. Honestly. YapzOr and Whitemon are non-negotiable. If you don’t have them, dust your least favorite team and craft them.

    If and only if this isn’t enough you can consider kaka. In our opinion, their series against Team Secret is the most evenly matched one, so it will probably go long, making support picks from it worth more.

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