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    Dota 2 – Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Day 4

    The last day of the group stage is going to have less regular games, but there is always a chance of tiebreakers, so we have to factor those in. Luckily, some of the top fantasy earners are also among the players with the highest chance of tiebreakers.


    萧瑟 is the only player featured today who has no chance of appearing in tiebreakers, but his average is so good and his team performs so well, that he is definitely worth considering for someone who wants consistent results.

    That said Paparazi灬, who plays PSG.LGD and Beastcoast tomorrow, scores almost as much as Ame, while having good chances of appearing in a tiebreaker. For similar reasons K1 is also a good pick.

    YATOROGOD isin this category as well, but his overall fantasy performance was considerably below his opponents.

    Overall, any two of the four mentioned players are a good choice, depending on how you feel about their performance tomorrow.


    Nisha and C. smile < are the top performers in the group with guaranteed two series and the former performs on average ~7% better than the latter, but it isn’t enough for us to not gamble on the possible tiebreakers. Similarly, you can go for Somnus, who is only slightly below Chris Luck, but might have better chances of a tiebreaker.


    YapzOr, once again, would have been an obvious choice, if it wasn’t for Tiebreakers. Team Secret are very unlikely to give up their upper bracket seeding, so our next best options are XstiNgerX and fy, who we are going to slot in.

    You should definitely go for Yapzor if you don’t believe in tiebreakers, however: on average he scores ~15% above both Stinger and Fy.

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