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    Dota 2 – Dotabuff App Update: Inside Your Game

    We’ve got some exciting news! Fans of our Dotabuff App have been asking for an in-game version, and today, we’re delivering one!

    Today’s major release enhances the Dotabuff App with the ability to choose how your data and insights are delivered: the current second screen experience, a toggle-able in-game overlay, or an all-new integrated version.

    You can download the Dotabuff App for free!

    The update includes the following:

  • In-game Assistants provide integrated data-driven suggestions
  • Insights into timing, item builds, ability builds
  • Drag-and-drop Timing Coach and Adaptive Items Assistants
  • New Overlay Mode
  • The Dotabuff App’s In-Game Assistants offer non-Dotabuff Plus subscribers access to one of these tools, while Dotabuff Plus subscribers can use any or all of the three available features.

    Whether you’re a new player looking for help getting started, a casual player who wants to focus on fun while staying tuned to the meta, or a veteran player working on improving your gameplay, the In-Game Assistants will give you the information you need to make better in-game decisions.

    Adaptive Items

    Backed by machine learning models, the Adaptive Items Assistant will show you the next item we recommend you build, your gold progress toward it, and the purchase timing you should aim for.

    Disagree with our recommendation? Toggle the overlay to quickly skip the item or generate a new build!

    Ability Builds

    We’ve crunched the data to determine what the meta currently is for abilities for each hero. We’ll deliver you the breakdown for most popular abilities and talents in-game, as you level.

    Stick with the meta or try your own build – the choice is always yours!

    Timing Coach

    Have trouble remembering to pick up runes? Forget which waves come with catapults (and are ideal for pushing towers)? Sometimes there’s so much happening in a game, we all lose track of the time. The Timing Coach is a drag-and-droppable box with reminders for milestones and repeating events.

    Position the reminders where they’ll be most useful for you without distracting from the game action..

    Overlay Mode

    If you prefer the larger Tool versions in the Dotabuff App’s second screen experience, you may like using the toggle-able Overlay Mode in your Dota game. Enable the Overlay in the App, and then press Ctrl-X in your game to see those Tools directly in your game. Pair it with the Assistants for full control of the Dotabuff-backed information available at your fingertips!

    And remember, all of the Assistants are optional. Dotabuff Plus subscribers can use any combination of the three. You can toggle these on and off from the Edit Tool Layout screen, even during a game!

    Not a Dotabuff Plus subscriber? No problem! You can subscribe here and receive all the benefits immediately, including:

  • Unlock deep data on Dotabuff
  • Use the Hero Mastery Tool
  • Detailed Hero Rankings
  • Access to a fourth tool in the Dotabuff App
  • Access to all Dotabuff In-Game Assistants
  • And more….
  • Learn more about Dotabuff Plus features and subscribe today!

    We look forward to developing new tools to enhance the in-game experience with data-driven insights. Please send us your feedback using the in-app feedback button. We’d love to hear what you’d like to see next in the App!

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