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    Dota 2 – Dotabuff Acquires TrackDota!

    We are very excited to announce that we have acquired TrackDota! In case you haven’t heard about it, TrackDota provides detailed live updating statistics for Esports matches.

    TrackDota is mobile friendly and even has an Android app – check it out here. We think that TrackDota provides an amazing spectator experience for those who want to keep track of what is happening during live league games. It’s a great way to keep an eye on matches while you’re not able to watch a stream. It also makes a great stream companion!

    Having a web friendly way to browse the net worth, items, and ability builds while watching a game can provide a lot of additional transparency. My favorite way to view tournaments is on my couch with the stream on my TV and TrackDota open on my phone to check out the details.

    We are thrilled to be working with the creators of TrackDota to improve the community’s esports stats experience. Our team at Dotabuff is small but growing. Our best employees are passionate with a great love for Dota and statistics. We think TrackDota fits in perfectly, and we can’t wait to see where Dota’s esports scene will head in the upcoming season.

    We will certainly be excited to have a better experience for The International this year with a wider range of stats available during live games. Our team is extremely passionate about Dota 2 and supporting the community. In the next few months we hope to continue to push the envelope for what we can offer the Dota 2 with statistics.

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