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    Dota 2 – Dota 7.11 Quick Review

    Dota received some rather interesting new changes. Patch 7.11 once again concentrated on the game’s economy layer, rather than going after the hero balance and the consequences of this patch should be quite noticeable, albeit unpredictable.

    There is a clear reduction in the buyback costs for supports. Even very late into the game the cost of a buyback for a position 5 support should not exceed 1000 gold. There is also no longer a buyback penalty, so for an exceptionally quick farming hero there is an argument to be made that buying back early in the game to get back to farming can be a worthwhile course of action, as it will allow the hero to progress through levels faster.

    Reddit user RedSpah created a comparison chart of the buyback costs in 7.10 vs 7.11 for a Game 1 between Virtus.Pro and Team Liquid and the findings should generally hold true for the majority of typical Dota games:

    In this particular example all core positions would pay more for a buyback in 7.11 than in 7.10, while supports would pay considerably less: Solo’s Ancient Apparition would cost less than 500 gold to buy back even 30+ minutes into the game, since his net worth was rather low.

    The second point of the patch has to do with the comeback gold mechanics. If you are playing from behind and kill an enemy hero, you no longer get extra benefits from the overall net worth difference between the two teams, but only a bonus directly tied to the net worth of the killed hero.

    It should stop exceptionally farmed carries from inflating the kill bounty on all the members of their team, so a support dying wouldn’t suddenly give the losing enemy 500+ gold.

    The end result of all these changes is hard to predict. On one hand coming back into the game after a failed start should be a lot harder. Single support pickoffs no longer give as much bounty and the overall comeback component is smaller: it gives roughly the same amount for a kill on the most farmed enemy hero, but progressively less for kills on positions three to five.

    On the other hand, buying back as any hero in the early game is very cheap. It means that when the enemy has the tempo and pressures your towers, it might be a viable strategy to take a fight with numbers advantage through buybacks. It is only useful in the earlier stages of the game, when net worths are quite low, but can potentially prevent the enemy from snowballing.

    Denying the enemy the gold bounty from early towers as well as having better chances of punishing their overextension could balance out the removal of a safety cushion in the form of extra comeback gold Dota players got accustomed to and perhaps make for an even tenser and more action-packed early game.

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