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    Dota 2 – Dealing With Snapfire

    Image by Pave Telro

    Beatrix Snapfire is the latest new hero to join the battle of the ancients alongside Void Spirit. She’s an elder keen folk who’s a weaponsmith and rides Mortimer, her trusty dragon toad.

    When she’s not baking cookies or making weapons, she’s dominating pubs in Dota.

    In the past month in the Divine/Immortal bracket, Snapfire is 8th in win rate percentage with 53.38% and 1st in pick rate at 35.77%.

    Perhaps the funniest statistic about her win rate is her “worst versus” section in her hero page. Out of the 10 heroes she’s listed as “worst versus” she has a win rate below 50% with only one of them, Bane, at 48.61%.

    This hero is particularly strong right now and in this post we’ll go over some strategies to beat her in your pubs that don’t include banning her.

    Snapfire’s play style

    The first step in beating your enemy is understanding your enemy.

    Snapfire is a strength hero primarily played as a support.

    She has four active abilities that all do damage. Three do damage and slow, and one does damage and stuns.

    This is one of the reasons why she’s so powerful. All her abilities do damage and disable in some way, the damage is high as well.

    The most popular build for Snapfire is to go Scatterblast at level one, followed by Firesnap Cookie, maxing these abilities, and then ultimate at level six. Lil’ Shredder is maxed last. Some players go Firesnap Cookie at level one to get an advantage over the bounty rune.

    Surviving Snapfire in lane

    By level two Snapfire has a stun and a slow that deals a good amount of damage. If you’re caught out of position without full HP, a small combo can lead to your death.

    For example, if you have 75% HP and Snapfire gets behind you, she can slow you then stun you. If her lane partner has another slow or stun then with those spells and right-clicks you’ll either die or be very close to death unless you have an escape or save.

    This is one of those Dota situations that’s hard to deal with. Even if you’re at full HP, a good combo that features two stuns, a slow, right clicks, and nukes will be a bad time.

    In this situation, if you’re alone then there’s not much you can do other than try and juke through the trees and try to escape that way.

    The way to deal with this is to rely on your lane partner. Hopefully, they’ll have a stun or slow that can disrupt the Snapfire combo as well as put pressure on the enemy, making them fear for their own death. Having a save from Abaddon or Treant Protector can be very useful as well.

    Unless you want to always be back peddling and not contesting the lane creeps, you have to risk being killed. Another way to deal with Snapfire is to play aggressively. Try to make her fear for her life rather than you. This requires particular heroes as Dota is all about matchups and some heroes are just bad against Snapfire in lane.

    Team fights

    In team fights, Snapfire likes to be behind her allies. She can help them escape with her cookie or make them jump forward with a stun to initiate.

    During large team fights, Snapfire likes to be far behind her allies so she can use her long-range ultimate for the max duration.

    So, like most team fights, if you get initiated on, you’ll be in a bad position. You’ll be forced to react and respond in limited ways. Unless you have a great counter initiator on your team like Silencer, Magnus, Enigma, or another hero, you usually don’t want to be the one responding in team fights.

    Snapfire is a tanky support because she’s a strength hero so even if you get the jump on her, killing her won’t be as easy as killing someone like Crystal Maiden. She also has a decent escape ability with her cookie that allows her to jump across terrains.

    So what’s the solution? This hero is one of the most winningest heroes picked most often for a reason. She’s hard to deal with.

    You have to outplay her and work with your team to get the advantage because in most situations against Snapfire, you won’t have the advantage.

    Communicate with your allies to predict the enemy movements and kill them. Even if you have weak meta heroes you can still win fights easily if it’s three VS two. Use those ganks and kills to gain map control and momentum and snowball.

    If you sit and wait until you’re fully prepared against Snapfire, you’ll be at a disadvantage because she’s so strong and versatile. Make coordinated movements with your team to win team fights in your favor and build off those towards victory.

    Watch out for her combos potential

    One of the many reasons Snapfire is strong is because of the synergy her ultimate has with many spells. Huge team fight spells like a Chronosphere or Ravage set up the perfect situation for Mortimer Kisses to maximize its damage. Even a Sand King or Nyx Assassin stun can be a great set up.

    The ultimate does a lot of damage every second, it slows, and works in an AoE so when you have a multiple person Chronosphere or Ravage, you’re able to damage multiple heroes and have a follow up disable with its slow.

    When fighting against Snapfire and her team, be mindful of large team fight spells that can set up a destructive Mortimer Kisses. Try to force these ultimates during an unideal timing for the enemy so you don’t have to fight into both spells or try to coordinate fights when they’re on cooldown.

    Heroes and items strong against Snapfire

    Rubick comes to mind. Since Snapfire’s abilities are so good, you can pick Rubick and use those amazing abilities for yourself. Snapfire’s abilities have a longer than average cast time compared to most abilities so with Rubick, you’ll have the advantage with your 0 cast time.

    Any mobile heroes work well too. Weaver is a great one. He can go invisible and move fast to avoid her spells and then get on top of her to put massive pressure on her.

    Faceless Void works well thanks to similar reasons. He can Time Walk off damage and then get on top of her to force her to react or get bashed. You also take away a combo potential by having Chronosphere on your side. Another advantage is his chasing ability. Since Snapfire can jump up or down cliffs, Faceless Void can follow her with Time Walk.

    Force Staff is a great item to pick against Snapfire. She’s great at taking positional advantage so you can counter that with a Force Staff. Her ultimate makes her own large chunks of the fight area and if you’re trying to walk out of the burning areas, it’ll be a bad time. Simply Force Staff yourself or your teammate for a good time.

    Pipe of Insight is also great. She deals a significant amount of magical damage so Pipe is a no brainer counter to those spells.

    Glimmer Cape is another great item. You gain magic resistance plus invisibility so Snapfire will be shooting her ultimate blindly. Plus invis equals auto win.

    Closing thoughts

    There is no doubt that Snapfire is strong. All her abilities stun or slow and do damage, which is pretty broken. She’s a support that’s a tanky strength hero so she’s hard to kill. She has an ability that lets her jump terrain so she’s hard to lockdown.

    There are many things going right for this hero. This seems like one of those Dota moments where you’re looking to survive an overpowered hero meta.

    The number one strategy for dealing with Snapfire is to ban her, the number two strategy is to pick her, and the number three strategy is to outplay her.

    You can also play her to better understand her strengths and weaknesses.

    What do you guys think about Snapfire, is she too broken? What are your tips for dealing with this hero?

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