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    Dota 2 – Big improvements to Match pages and Player profiles

    We’re now gathering all of your Diretide stats! Err, just kidding. Today we are launching a huge update with improvements to Match Pages, Match Data, Player Profile filtering and a Role Engine. We hope it won’t disappoint. This is one of the larger updates we have ever done at Dotabuff and we’re listening to feedback to further improve it.

    Match Page Improvements

    We’ve added a lot of new data to match pages:

  • Item purchase times
  • Ward data for supports (finally!)
  • Kills by hero breakdown (including gold given for matches analyzed with TrueSight)
  • Net worth (gold is still around in the tooltip)
  • More charts, including Net Worth
  • Permanent buffs including consumed moon shard, Legion Commander Duel damage, etc.
  • A more comprehensive build tab with all item purchases, including times
  • Lane and role data for every player (if the match has been analyzed with TrueSight)
  • No, it doesn’t require Plus, but do read on to learn more about data availability.

    Player Profile Improvements

    You’ll probably notice some big changes to player profiles. First and foremost there is a brief summary of what roles and lanes the player tends to use or profiles with sufficient TrueSight data. You can also see role and lane breakdowns by their hero choices.

    When you check out your player profile for a list of matches you can see a great breakdown of your matches.

    Additional filters allow you to analyze:

  • Your hero, Teammate heroes, and opponent heroes
  • Roles for you, your team and opponents
  • Lanes for you, your team and opponents
  • How many players were present in a particular lane (solo/duo/tri-lane?)
  • If you were in a party and how large your stack was
  • If you were a captain
  • If you randomed
  • These filters are also available on most parts of player profiles. Including Heroes, Items, Records, Scenarios and more!

    All of the match data I mention earlier, including item times. Those are all integrated into recent matches as well. So you can filter by your favorite hero and see if your item build is progressing.

    Want to see something obscure like what is your record for last hits when you’re mid against pudge? You can filter by that.

    The Scenarios tab now also includes a section for roles so you can see if Core or Support is your strength.

    These filters and changes are available for everyone. However, because role and lane data require TrueSight, Plus users (especially longtime Plus users <3) will have a much larger dataset to query.

    TrueSight Role Engine

    Matches that have been analyzed by TrueSight now benefit from our new Role Engine. It analyzes the performance of every player in the match and weighs a number of factors including farm priority and positional data to determine a role for each player.

    This is pretty cool on a match page, but it is incredibly powerful in aggregate. That’s why we added roles and lanes to player profile filters. How does your Core vs Support win rate compare on a hero? What about in a specific lane? What about when you’re supporting in a party of friends?

    Data Availability

    These new features are driven by data from a number of sources, including replays. Of course, it’s all subject to availability: while we try to get as much data as possible for every match, sometimes the data simply isn’t available. Other times it might take a bit longer to show up. We’ll be working to improve availability and reduce delays over time.
    Additionally, we’re still going through and backfilling as much data as possible for every player. At this point, most players who play a lot of Dota should have their profiles up-to-date. We expect all players to have access to these new features within the next week.

    Some of these features, including the Role Engine, require your matches to be analyzed by TrueSight (replay parsed). While we do try to analyze as many matches as possible, subscribing to Plus puts you in the fast lane: guaranteeing that your replay will be analyzed quickly and reliably.

    Huge Thank You to those with Plus

    I just wanted to take a minute and say big updates like this wouldn’t be possible without the kind wonderful people who support us by purchasing Plus. I am so genuinely thankful that people value what we do. I am incredibly lucky to have the best job in the world thanks to you. We are incredibly excited to be working on some very cool new things for Plus that we hope to release soon as well.

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