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    Dota 2 – Announcing Dotabuff Betting

    It’s an amazing time to be alive. During our lifetimes we get to see so many incredible changes; the proliferation of the internet, the death of the great barrier reef, and the incredible growth of Esports. Today we are excited to launch our new micro fantasy betting service: Dotabuff Betting. This new feature takes inspiration from Daily Fantasy betting services and makes everything even faster (micro). It is a skilled based game, using your hard earned Arbitrary Points to earn big rewards, such as more Arbitrary Points.

    A Game of Skill

    Dotabuff Betting allows you to wager some or all of your Arbitrary Points in a high stakes game where you hit a button and wait on a skill-based, totally random outcome. Bet until you win huge rewards, or go all-in to lose it all. Keep playing until you make it on the highly competitive leaderboard!

    Play until you get exhausted from winning, or run out of bets. Players have 10 bets to work with. After that they will need to wait 30 minutes for each additional bet; just like mom does for her phone games. You can bypass this waiting period and get all 10 bets by playing a game of Dota. Alternatively, you can pay to win by upgrading to Dotabuff Plus.

    Hitting Rock Bottom

    Dotabuff Betting is designed by to be casual friendly. We’ve made it pretty hard to make big mistakes, and easy to recover from them once you make them anyway (silly gamblers). It’s just like the last Dota patch!

    Don’t worry if you run low on AP due to bad life decisions: you’ll get a chance to reset the game and start again. Everyone can reset the game, but you have to wait 2 hours. You can use that time to cool off and fabricate the lies you’ll tell to your family. Dotabuff Plus subscribers have no such limitation: they can reset the game as often as they want! You’re the whales of Dotabuff and we appreciate you!

    What are you waiting for?

    Start Betting Now!

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