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    Divine Sunderer changes arrive on League PBE with more healing, less hybrid penetration

    Divine Sunderer is receiving some changes on the League of Legends PBE. The item’s hybrid penetration has been reduced and pre-mitigation healing has been increased.

    Divine Sunderer is one of the most-used items by AD bruiser champions and has dominated the meta for a few patches. It’s mainly seen in the hands of champs like Camille, Wukong, and Jax in the top lane, who have found the Mythic item to be one of the main power spikes in both ranked games and professional matches.

    Overall, Riot seems to be looking to reduce the item’s hybrid penetration ability and increase the amount of pre-mitigation damage healing for champions using it.

    The item’s attributes have not changed and it should continue granting 40 attack damage, 20 ability haste, and 300 health. The changes are to its Mythic passive, which will now grant each other Legendary item three percent armor penetration and magic penetration instead of five percent.

    Additionally, Spellblade’s passive is being changed, with Sheen’s damage changed from 12 percent/nine percent max HP to 125 percent base AD plus six percent/three percent max HP. That’s a reduction in damage based on health overall and now the item includes the champion’s base AD on the damage calculation. The healing is being increased from 50 percent pre-mitigation damage to 100 percent of damage dealt.

    These item changes can be seen as a nerf for champions who already have healing in their kits and prefer armor and magic penetration for the mid and late game. It’s possible that other lesser-used items gain more space with these changes, such as Trinity Force, which is making more appearances on champions like Ezreal.

    All of the changes described on the PBE server are not final and Riot may make adjustments before releasing them to League’s live servers, presumably in Patch 12.13, which is expected to go live on July 6.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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