Disney Did NOT Approve This Game!


Disney DID NOT approve this...

The Controversy Surrounding the Mickey Mouse Horror Game

Mickey Mouse in a Horror Game?

When the game Infestation: Origins was announced shortly after the iconic Steamboat Willie entered the public domain, many were left wondering if Mickey Mouse could really be a scary character. This move was seen by some as a blatant cash grab, as the game seemingly borrowed elements from successful indie horror titles.

Success Through Word of Mouth

While Infestation garnered some attention in the news, it’s worth noting that indie horror games often find success through word of mouth. Lethal Company, for example, gained popularity on TikTok before hitting the headlines. One could argue that relying solely on the shock value of using familiar characters like Mickey Mouse may not be a sustainable marketing strategy.

Breaking the Tradition

Games like Five Nights at Freddy’s and Poppy Playtime have successfully tapped into the horror genre by taking familiar concepts and twisting them into something unsettling. However, these games feature original characters, free from the cultural baggage of being beloved icons like Mickey Mouse. Infestation, on the other hand, introduces a zombie Mickey in an abandoned facility – a formula that may not elicit genuine fear from players.

Disney Did NOT Approve This Game!

Addressing the Concerns

Some critics have questioned the true horror potential of Infestation: Origins, especially when the tension can be broken by light-hearted moments or jokes. The game’s reliance on a classic character like Mickey Mouse to create scares may be seen as a missed opportunity to explore new and innovative horror concepts.

Despite the mixed reactions and concerns surrounding the Mickey Mouse horror game, it’s important to remember that creativity and risk-taking are essential in the gaming industry. While the game may not have the approval of Disney, it still has the potential to offer a unique and memorable gaming experience for players who are willing to embrace the unexpected.

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Disney Did NOT Approve This Game!