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    Digital Foundry decided to re-examine the PS5 version of the action role-playing game Forspoken

    Forspoken has been greatly improved on PS5 thanks to the updates that the development team released after the game’s launch, which, you will remember, was characterized by a number of technical problems.

    The new state of the game from Luminous Productions was announced by Digital Foundry, which conducted new tests a few months after Forspoken’s first analysis, which revealed numerous technical problems with the project.

    In version 1.2, the game has noticeably improved environmental occlusion, which has benefited scenario rendering and, in combination with optimization of the lighting system, but the greatest effort has been put into performance.

    So, thanks to improvements, Forspoken was able to achieve a stable 60 frames per second where it had never gone beyond 40 frames before, and provide a minimum of 30 frames per second in ray-traced quality mode where it used to be no more than 20 frames.

    Of course, these improvements do not eliminate the shortcomings of Square Enix’s game, which have been reported in numerous reviews, but it must be admitted that the creators have tried to fix the technical flaws of the launch.

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