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    Digimon Survive gets review bombing for being a visual novel

    Digimon Survive has been review bombed. The game was released on Friday, and the vast majority of reviews on Metacritic are negative. Apparently, some players did not understand the genre and format of the game.

    On Metacritic, the PS4 version of the game has a score of 3.4 with 40 negative reviews versus 22 positive reviews. The Nintendo Switch version is slightly better at 4.3, while the Xbox One version is the worst at 1.8.

    But some players have spoken out against this smear campaign.

    Need to stop the 0/10 spammers because this is bullshit and the game is amazing, I’ve seen someone copy-paste the same review on every platform, fuck the haters.

    Troovtnaz wrote on the Xbox One game’s user reviews page (giving it a 10).

    Why such disappointment? After the announcement of Digimon Survive and in subsequent trailers, Bandai Namco emphasized tactical RPG elements and stated that visual novel elements would be part of it. But the game’s visual novel status seems to have overwhelmed some players. This, however, does not justify the review bombing, as the publisher has defined Digimon Survive as a visual novel.

    One hater targeted all versions of the game on Metacritic, copy-pasted his negative review and gave the game a 0:

    This would be a Digimon game that I would really enjoy if it wasn’t so loaded with these visual novel elements that are completely out of place.

    But some reviews are more fair. For example, one rating the game an 8 wrote: “It has a lot of plot based on the visual novel, but the plot is interesting and entertaining.” However, he was disappointed that Digimon Survive has “a very limited amount of Digimon to collect”.

    So, for those who have not yet understood, Digimon Survive is primarily a visual novel that has elements of a tactical role-playing game.

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