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    Diablo Immortal was the first game in the series for half of the downloaders

    Diablo Immortal became the first game in the series for more than half of the players

    In terms of the number of players in Diablo Immortal, the online role-playing game has been a huge success, surpassing 30 million since its launch in China. Activision Blizzard’s new quarterly results, in particular, note the change in the number of players and one surprising fact – half of Diablo Immortal players have never played a Diablo game before.

    Activision Blizzard has released its Q2 2022 financial results, and overall they don’t blow the publisher’s fancy: the number of active monthly users is decreasingand plans for the release of content remain unchanged.

    One saving grace, however, was the launch of Diablo Immortal in June, which increased Blizzard’s monthly user base from 22 million at the end of March 2022 to 27 million now – one of Blizzard’s only quarterly user growth in a long time.

    There is one big curiosity in the results for Diablo Immortal, which is that “over half of the game’s player accounts to date are new to Blizzard.” Given that players have had to sign into their Blizzard accounts to access most of the developer’s games for over a decade, it looks like 50% of Diablo Immortal players have never played a Diablo game, so this is their first experience with the series. With Diablo 4 coming out next year, there’s a chance that Activision Blizzard is hoping some of those players will jump on the new game.

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