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    Diablo 4 players are asking Blizzard to let them play offline

    Diablo 4 beta players are fed up with the requirement to be online all the time and are urging the developers to make it possible to play offline. This comes as Diablo’s servers struggle to keep up with demand, leaving players in long queues and frequent outages.

    Because of this, Diablo 4 fans want to be able to play offline if they don’t plan to use any of the online options. Similar claims were made against Diablo 3, which required a permanent internet connection to play on PC. It is not yet clear whether the developers will take into account these reviews for the full release of Diablo 4.

    I don’t plan on playing multiplayer and my experience during the beta was so disappointing. I have spent a few hours and am about to cancel my pre-order.

    Many others agree with this, each with their own reasons for wanting offline mode. Most often, of course, this is the lack of a reliable Internet connection, but this is not the only argument given.

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to really enjoy D4. I am a father who works from home and NEEDS the opportunity to pause the game. I’m furious, to be honest.

    Others are also unhappy that other players interfere with their game when killing mobs. However, it is possible that this issue will be resolved before the full release on June 6th.

    Despite this, others understand the benefits of a game that is always online. For example, it’s less burdensome for the computer because it doesn’t have to do all the work. Some also say that the offline mode can create too much work for developers, as they will have to take into account the frequent switching of players from online to offline mode.

    Given previous comments from the developers, it seems unlikely that the PC and console releases will feature an offline mode when the game hits the market this summer. Although it remains to be seen whether the situation will change under the influence of player feedback.

    In the meantime, OBT is still available and there are hardly any queues. The test will end tomorrow at 22:00 Moscow time.

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