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    Diablo 4 Developer Addresses Complaints About Very Low Drop Rates for Ultra Rare Unique Items

    In an exclusive IGN interview with Blizzard, the developers answered the question of why ultra-rare unique items in Diablo 4 have an extremely low drop rate. Assistant Game Director Joseph Piepiora stated that they “want players to fall out of their chairs when these items drop.” It looks like the team wants this to be a really rare occasion to add more value to the uniqueness of each item. There are currently seven such items in the game. One was added in the first season update. It’s a small amount considering how much it can buff a character.

    The team also stated that they do not want these items to be part of the build options offered by gamers. Making it a unique and powerful item that is present in any standard build and allowing players to easily obtain the aforementioned items would reduce the mystique. In the interview, the developers also emphasized the need for “grinding” to make the journey more rewarding. While this is a controversial issue for fans and casual players alike, there is some truth to this statement. Rarity creates special moments for those willing to put in the time.

    Currently, Blizzard is still exploring the possibility of making changes that will make the process of passing Diablo 4 more rewarding. The endgame is one of the biggest complaints players have, so this area deserves a rebalance and overhaul. As the team is currently exploring ways to make loot identification easier, there is high hope that better solutions will come up that will make the game more accessible. Perhaps, the possibility of determining the quality and probability of dropping things at certain levels will be considered, which will allow for better optimization of the gameplay.

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