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    Diablo 4 Coming to Game Pass? The network noticed the first hints of this

    As reported by the vigilant Idle Slothpayment app PICPAY posted and removed a banner ad mentioning Diablo 4’s availability on Xbox Game Pass in record time, possibly anticipating a big announcement from Microsoft that could take place in a few hours.

    PICPAY is the official seller of Xbox Live gift cards in Brazil and, accordingly, places official advertising of the company on its screens. It is clear that this may be a mistake, but the time of appearance is very, very suspicious.

    The court decision on the temporary injunction requested by the FTC to block the takeover of Activision Blizzard could be a very long time coming.

    If the FTC’s request is denied, it is highly likely that Microsoft will announce the completion of the deal and simultaneously the first Activision Blizzard games on PC and Xbox Game Pass, which could include Diablo 4, one of the most successful games of 2023.

    If this happens, it will be a real revolution for all subscribers of the service.

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