Dev’s Dish: Keanu Reeves & PAX ’24


Cyberpunk Developers on Keanu Reeves and PAX East 2024

Cyberpunk Developers Reflect on Keanu Reeves and PAX East 2024

About the Developers

IGN Access caught up with the Cyberpunk Developers after their Panel at PAX East titled “Code, Sweat, and Cheers: How we Made Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.” The team interviewed Kacper Niepokólczycki, the Environment Art Director, and Pawel Sasko, the Associate Game Director, about their experiences working with Keanu Reeves and interacting with Cyberpunk 2077 fans at PAX East in Boston.

Casting Keanu Reeves

The developers shared insights into the casting process for Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077. The role of Johnny Silverhand was initially written with Reeves in mind. However, the developers explained that sometimes they cast actors first and then tailor the role to fit the actor, showcasing two different approaches to character creation.

Fan Engagement at PAX East

As developers, witnessing fans embrace their creations and showcase their own interpretations through cosplay at events like PAX East was described as a humbling and exciting experience. The team expressed gratitude for the fans’ dedication to Cyberpunk 2077 and their respect for the source material.

Dev’s Dish: Keanu Reeves & PAX ’24

Development Insights and Concepts

The developers also touched on the iterative nature of game development, mentioning discarded concepts like Siri ice skating in The Witcher 3. They highlighted the bold decision to transition Cyberpunk 2077 to a first-person perspective for enhanced immersion, emphasizing the continuous process of refining ideas to create the best gaming experience.

While no specific unreleased concepts were shared, the developers emphasized the importance of experimentation and filtering out ideas that didn’t align with the game’s vision.

Cyberpunk 2078: A Joking Proposal

Amidst the discussion, a lighthearted moment arose when the interviewer playfully suggested “Cyberpunk 2078” as a groundbreaking idea, leading to a humorous exchange that added a touch of levity to the conversation.

Closing Thoughts

As the interview wrapped up, the developers expressed appreciation for the positive reception of Cyberpunk 2077, with one of the interviewer’s children deeming it the best game of all time. The developers graciously thanked the fans for their support and enthusiasm, wrapping up a conversation that showcased their passion for their craft and the vibrant community surrounding Cyberpunk 2077.

Overall, the interview with the Cyberpunk Developers at PAX East 2024 provided a glimpse into the creative process behind the game and the profound impact it has had on both developers and fans alike.

Dev’s Dish: Keanu Reeves & PAX ’24

It was an insightful and engaging conversation that highlighted the dedication and creativity of the Cyberpunk team, leaving fans excited for future projects and developments in the gaming world.

Dev’s Dish: Keanu Reeves & PAX ’24