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    Developers of Redfall and Prey (2006) have an unannounced project

    The developers of Prey (2006) are currently working on the vampire game Redfall with Arkane, creators of the rebooted Prey 2, and the team has an “unannounced project” in the works.

    While we still don’t know much about co-op play despite Redfall’s gameplay demo in June, we do know that several studios are assisting Arkane in development, including developers Doom id Software and Roundhouse Studios. Roundhouse is a Bethesda studio made up of the developers of Human Head, the creators of the original Prey and the canceled Prey 2.

    According to the designer’s LinkedIn profile for Roundhouse, the studio still has an “unannounced project” it’s working on in parallel with Redfall’s development. It seems likely that it will be some kind of shooter given the experience of the team, but right now we can only speculate.

    There seems to be too much hope for a proper new Prey game as a result of the collaboration between the original team and the Prey restart team – but if they get along well together making Redfall, who knows?

    As seen on PlayGround

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