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    Destiny 2 temporarily disabled chat due to game-breaking bug

    When receiving a message with a large number of symbols, players were “thrown out” of the matches.

    On July 29, some players in Destiny 2 noticed that they were “kicked” out of matches when they received a message with a large number of characters. According to them, dishonest gamers use this bug to quickly win during PvP battles.

    At first, the players decided to deal with the bug on their own – by manually disabling all chats in the game. However, the issue has spread so much that Bungie has disabled chat in Destiny 2 until the bug is fixed.

    We have temporarily disabled chat on all platforms in Desteny 2 while we investigate an issue causing errors. Wait for updates.

    Bungie representatives did not say when they plan to release a patch that fixes the bug, and did not explain what caused the bug.

    As seen on PlayGround

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