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    Delta V: Rings of Saturn is out of Early Access

    The physics-based space mining simulator ΔV: Rings of Saturn is out of early access this week. It’s a tough sci-fi game about physics, money, spaceships powered by nuclear fission.

    Developer Kodera Software describes it best: “Every action has a reaction, lasers are invisible without a carrier, and your thrust is a powerful weapon.” It’s the kind of game where the exhaust pipe heats up and repels nearby objects, where the radiators glow as you pump heat, and where there are no energy shields to save you from making the wrong choice.

    While many years ago DV started out as just a physics-based simulation with very limited economic or role-playing gameplay, it has grown a lot over the years. It now features RPG-like dialogue that gives backstory and assignments to the hired team. The fleet consists of seven ships and many more variants, each with their own unique features and their own interface.

    Of course, the game isn’t just limited to mining, though that’s the essence of it. You can get a license to bounty hunt and get even with pirates, explore secrets and light smuggling between space destinations.

    “Although version 1.0 marks the end of one major story arc, this is only the beginning of our journey with ΔV: Rings of Saturn. I want to emphasize that version 1.0 is a complete and polished product that provides a rich and immersive experience. However, in the future, we intend to expand the universe and improve your adventures related to diving into the rings,” Kodera wrote in his blog.

    ΔV: Rings of Saturn is available on Steam,, Epic Store and GOG. The game also has a demo version available.

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