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    Deadpool creator promises even more surprises in the third film

    Photos and videos from the set of Deadpool 3 showed Wolverine in all his glory in the iconic yellow and blue suit from the comics. Thanks to the work of the paparazzi, fans were even able to see the fight scene between the two main characters. The creator of the chatty mercenary Rob Liefeld promises that the film has more to surprise its viewers with.

    “Deadpool 3 is another reminder that every little detail in a blockbuster is made public. Officially, the footage is also published long before the release of the film on the big screen. It makes browsing more boring. I miss surprises. See you in May, because the picture will still have something to surprise you with.”Leifeld said.

    Due to the halt of the filming process, the May premiere of the film is in jeopardy. Director Shawn Levy’s third Deadpool is set to honor the legacy of the mutant universe created by 20th Century Fox in 2000 and gracefully introduce superheroes into Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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