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    Dead Space remake rated 18+ for strong violence and gore

    The Dead Space remake has been rated by several classification boards around the world. IMDA Online has shared the details of its rating for the game. They gave her an M18 classification for “intense violence and brutality”.

    The rating describes the presence of screamers, graphic violence, including one where the character will use a knife to open the chest, as well as many decapitations, dismemberments, and so on.

    Dead Space (2023) takes place in the year 2508. It’s a sci-fi horror game that follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer who joins a team to find and board a mining spaceship that has stopped working on the radio. However, Isaac discovers that the spaceship is infested with deadly creatures and he must kill them to survive. The game is rated M18 for strong violence and gore.

    Playing from a third-person perspective, the player character explores dark and enclosed locations in search of clues and completes missions to progress through the game. The player character will use a variety of weapons such as pulse weapons and flamethrowers to take out mutated enemy creatures or risk being killed while gaining experience and items that grant ammo and health.

    During the exploration, bloodstains and corpses can be found, as well as several screamer scenes when enemies suddenly appear. Throughout the game, there are graphic scenes of violence and gore where characters are shot or brutally attacked, resulting in decapitation, dismemberment, and profuse bloodletting. These include a scene in which a character uses a knife to cut open someone else’s chest before slashing their own neck, resulting in a gush of blood, and a scene in which a character fires a gun at another’s head with blood splatter occurring in slow motion. Character corpses can be shot or stomped on, revealing skeletal and fleshy details.

    Profanity such as the swear word “f**k” and swear words such as “shit”, “hell”, and “damn” are spoken by the characters and are visible in the English subtitles.

    Dead Space is a remake of the 2008 game of the same name. It will be available on January 27, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be the first in the Dead Space series, released since Dead Space 3 in 2013.

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