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    Dead by Daylight developers pushed back two major updates with a new escape system to next year

    Studio Behavior Interactive held a live broadcast, which was dedicated to future updates to Dead by Daylight. Asymmetrical horror is still very popular and the developers continue to work on content and technical updates. Before the end of the year, Dead by Daylight will receive several more large-scale patches and temporary events, but some updates still had to be postponed.

    According to the developers, they had to move two major updates for Dead by Daylight to next year. The team needs more time to polish the intended changes. In early 2023, a massive horror patch will be released for the game, which includes important changes to the gameplay. Also next year there will be a new escape system, the details of which are promised to be revealed later.

    Dead by Daylight is available on PC and all current platforms. Recently, a collaboration with the anime “Attack on Titan” has started in the game.

    As seen on PlayGround

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