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    Darshan dives into Champion’s Queue issues, including MMR system, need for increased moderation, and more

    After several days of discussion around North America’s League of Legends Champion’s Queue system, one of NA’s most experienced players has voiced his thoughts on the server and how it can be improved for the future.

    LCS Players Association president Darshan Upadhyaya released a lengthy post on social media, talking about his thoughts on the new matchmaking queue after Riot Games made some sweeping changes to the system a day ago, including pushing back the next season of Champion’s Queue closer to the start of the 2022 Summer Split.

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    In the post, Darshan said there are two changes that should be implemented into Champion’s Queue as soon as possible: MMR gains and losses must be balanced and severely underperforming players should be removed from the server to maintain the highest quality of practice possible.

    For example, the current CQ system gives 10 MMR for each win and takes away five points for each loss. As a result, players with win rates less than 50 percent will still climb, therefore incentivizing people to play more games rather than playing well. In the same vein, Darshan also believes that if a player is “lowering the quality of games for a consistent period,” they should be removed to ensure the “highest quality training experience possible.” He said if his name was ever raised in these discussions and he wasn’t finding success, he’d want to be removed as well.

    The 27-year-old veteran also dove deeper into his thoughts on how NA must find different ways to increase its rate of improvement by a significant margin, especially because other regions are so ahead with bigger player bases and better ping. In addition, Darshan acknowledged that esports is still growing as an industry, so coaches and players are still trying to define and find the best ways to effectively practice without needing to play entire days of League.

    You can read all of Darshan’s expanded thoughts in his TwitLonger.

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