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    Dark trailer for The Walking Dead series finale

    In the past few days, the AMC series’ director-producer has given us a glimpse of the final episodes of The Walking Dead – you guessed it, the last of the last – with a few shots from the set. But now, as you’d expect thanks to the giant panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the third and final block of eight episodes closing the final season is being shown as the last TWD footage to date. After the announcement of various materials and showing the trailer for the spin-off “Tales of the Walking Dead”, AMC saved the cherry for last. And how could it be otherwise with a trailer like this.

    Much of the footage is apparently dedicated to the declared clash with the Commonwealth in the form of Governor Pamela Milton (Lyla Robins) and the now very creepy Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton). But the biggest heartbreak was to see the entire series all over again in the first few seconds, in the classic structure of the final trailer: “All roads lead to this point.” But this is not just light rhetoric. To see them all again, together: Rick waking up from his coma, and then on a deserted highway in Atlanta, but even Glenn and T-Dog, and all the highlights that you can remember over the course of eleven seasons. It’s sure to touch you, whether you’ve stopped following the series a long time ago or not.

    In the upcoming final episodes of The Walking Dead, threats lurk around every corner, dead and alive, as each group continues to be trapped in out-of-control situations. The looming pressure brings the day of reckoning closer for all. Will the sum of their individual journeys add up or separate them forever?

    The final episodes will air on October 2 on AMC. See the trailer below.

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