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    Danny Boyle and Cillian Murphy are working on a sequel to 28 Days Later

    Danny Boyle said that the script for the sequels to the horror films 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later is already ready, and he is ready to become the director of the project.

    Boyle recently told NME that Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later, has written a script that contains a “great idea.” He continued:

    I would love to direct it. I think now is a very good time. Funny, I didn’t think about it until you just said, and I was like, “Bah, this script!”, which is set in England again, very much about England. In any case, let’s see… who knows?.

    28 Days Later star Cillian Murphy is backing a potential desire to make a threequel.

    Every time I meet Danny or Alex, I always mention it. Because I showed it to my kids recently, on Halloween, four or five years ago, and they loved it. It really is still relevant, which is surprising for a film that is 20 years old. So yes, I like this idea and I really like it.

    There was talk of a 28 Months Later movie back in 2015. Garland then told IndieWire that he had a “weird idea” after talking to Boyle about Trainspotting 2.

    I had this idea and I suggested it to producer Andrew McDonald and Danny, but I also said I didn’t want to work on it. I don’t really want to play the part, and Andrew said, “Leave it to me.” So he left and is working on it.

    Garland’s involvement seems to have changed after this interview. Maybe the wheels are finally turning in the sequel to one of this century’s most beloved horrors?

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