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    Daniel Radcliffe hopes for the most detailed adaptation of “Harry Potter”

    Warner Bros. and HBO Max are gearing up to bring all seven of JK Rowling’s iconic Harry Potter novels to screens. The new adaptation was announced just 11 years after the release of the feature film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, which put an end to this story. However, the lead actor Daniel Radcliffe is optimistic. In addition, he has his own expectations for the upcoming series.

    “I am happy with this project as a spectator. I will be able to enjoy it together with everyone, to see it from a different point of view. It’s nice that a whole new generation will get to know stories in a new way. They will treat it like a TV series, so they will probably have time to go into all the details. Also, for people who were unhappy that some moments did not make it into the films, they will finally be able to see the full version that they wanted so much.— the actor shared in an interview with Variety.

    As far as being in the upcoming series, that door is closed to Radcliffe. The actor stressed in a recent interview that he has no plans to return to this MCU.

    The launch of the series was announced in the spring. HBO Max is looking forward to a massive adaptation spanning 10 years and featuring an all-new cast. JK Rowling has already joined the series as a producer.

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