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    Daniel Radcliffe Denies Wolverine Appointment Rumors

    Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe called the rumors about his possible involvement in future Marvel projects as Wolverine exaggerated.

    “These are purely rumors said during the press tour: I say something, and then sometimes I get tired of answering the same way, and I say something different, and everything is new. I just shouldn’t open my mouth, ”Radcliffe admitted in an interview with GQ.

    Earlier, Radcliffe noted that the nature of such rumors may be due to his short stature:

    “It comes up so often. In the comics, Wolverine is short. Therefore, they often speculate: who is short among us? Every now and then I get sick of answering questions intelligently, so I just start joking around and it sort of fuels the rumors, but nothing happens.”

    Hugh Jackman will continue to play Wolverine in Marvel – the Australian will embody the hero in Deadpool 3. The film will hit the screens in November 2024.

    Starring Radcliffe, the comedy biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story comes out this week. The fourth season of Miracle Workers, starring Radcliffe, premieres on January 16.

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