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    D3 Publisher has released a teaser trailer for the new game Samurai Maiden

    D3 Publisher has launched a teaser site for the unannounced Samurai Maiden game in English and Japanese, featuring a 20-second teaser trailer.

    D3 Publisher trademarked “Samurai Maiden” in Japan on May 18, and the game itself was rated in Korea under Clouded Leopard Entertainment earlier this month, suggesting that the latter company will handle the Asian (and English) localization of the game.

    While D3 Publisher has yet to officially confirm the name “Samurai Maiden”, the website URL contains “s_maiden” and the title on the game’s Twitter account is “******* MAIDEN”.

    More details will be announced on August 3rd.

    Watch the teaser trailer below.

    As seen on PlayGround

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