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    Cute ginger cat in Stray is very easy to change with mods

    There are no customization elements in Stray’s charming adventure game about a stray cat. The developers from the BlueTwelve studio did not add the ability to change the appearance of a red cat, but enthusiasts decided to fix it. As it turned out, the game is very mod friendly, which was taken advantage of in the community of authors of modifications. Now the red cat in Stray can be replaced with Siamese cat, black cat and many other options.

    As enthusiasts point out, Stray makes it very easy to modify your original files. The game is implemented on Unreal Engine 4, which provides automatic texture compatibility and does not require major code changes to release mods for the game.

    Mods allow you to change the original coloring of the cat in the game, which may appeal to fans of cat breeds. In addition, the authors of the modifications are working on additional personalization of the cat. Now the main character of Stray can wear glasses, a headband or a hat.

    As seen on PlayGround

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