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    Creator of Elden Ring and Dark Souls series to receive prestigious award at CEDEC Awards 2022

    Hidetaka Miyazaki was awarded one of the most honored awards in the gaming industry at the CEDEC Awards 2022. The game designer of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the recently sensational Elden Ring will be on a par with the creator of Mario, Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda. Authoritative jury of the award noted developer for high achievements in the gaming industry.

    The organizers emphasized Miyazaki’s not quite standard approach to creating complex and exciting games. The game designer has been developing his own unique genre for many years, constantly expanding it and maintaining a high level of performance quality.

    Miyazaki’s masterpiece is considered to be Elden Ring, which was the culmination of all the best ideas of the developer and was deservedly rewarded with high critical ratings and attention from the players.

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