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    Corsair buys mechanical keyboard maker Drop

    Corsair has announced the acquisition of mechanical keyboard maker Drop. The parties do not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

    Drop manufactures mechanical keyboards, keycaps and audio accessories. The acquired firm is known for its branding campaigns and produces products inspired by the Lord of the Rings and Marvel franchises.

    Modifiable keyboards are one of the fastest growing trends in gaming peripherals, said Corsair CEO Andy Paul. According to him, Drop has established itself as one of the leaders in this field. With Corsair’s global presence, the company expects the Drop brand to grow significantly across the world, Paul said.

    Corsair bought Elgato in 2018 and continues to produce products under this brand. Corsair has its own mechanical keyboards in the range, but the company intends to use the Drop brand as well.

    Drop CEO Jeff Holov promised that the company will soon introduce new products, including those created in collaborations. He added that access to a global supply chain would help ensure the reliability of product distribution. New logistics capabilities will significantly improve customer service outside the United States, Kholov said.

    Founded in 2011, Drop (formerly Massdrop) will continue to serve customers under warranty. Corsair went public in 2020, and as of July 17, the company’s stock is down about 1.3%.

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