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    Corey Barlog is saddened that retailers started selling God of War: Ragnarok two weeks before release

    Corey Barlog expressed his disappointment at some retailers’ decision to sell God of War Ragnarok two weeks early, resulting in spoilers flooding the internet.

    In the message, God of War: Ragnarok producer Barlog apologized to fans who have been patiently waiting for the highly anticipated sequel, stating that “none of us in [Sony Santa Monica] I didn’t want it to go like this.”

    “You know, now I can really see the benefit of having just the installer on the physical drive. [качаю головой]” Barlog tweeted, hinting that the sale of the physical disc with the game installed resulted in some fans getting early access to a super secret storyline.

    The retailer sells the game almost TWO WEEKS before release. It’s so disappointing.

    Responses to his tweets range from heartfelt support to demands for an early release of Ragnarok, with many fans confirming that they plan to stay off social media and YouTube until release day to avoid spoilers.

    “Sorry everyone that you have to dodge spoilers if you want to play a fresh game,” added Barlog. “It’s absolutely fucking stupid that you have to do this. None of us at SMS wanted it to go like this.”

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