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    Controversial billionaire Elon Musk opens his own artificial intelligence company

    One of the most famous billionaires on the planet, Elon Musk, who recently marked the most absurd decisions in the management of Twitter, has found himself a new occupation. It seems that the owner of the largest social network is no longer interested in its development or confrontation with Mark Zuckerberg. Now Elon Musk will be engaged in the development of artificial intelligence, for this he founded a separate company, although more recently he opposed AI.

    According to Reuters, the other day Elon Musk officially announced the creation of a startup called xAI, which will be engaged in the research and development of artificial intelligence. What product the new company is going to produce is not yet entirely clear. According to journalists, xAI already has quite authoritative figures in the field of technological developments. Among them are former DeepMind engineer Igor Babushkin, as well as employees from Google and Microsoft.

    Musk himself said that he founded a new company in order to “understand reality.” At the same time, at the beginning of this year, he, along with various experts, publicly called for the suspension of the development of advanced AI and the improvement of the security of all neural networks. Now the billionaire owns his own artificial intelligence company and is going to compete in this area with Google and Microsoft.

    Many social media users have expressed sincere concern for Elon Musk’s mental health. His public demeanor and Twitter management style have caused a wave of negative comments in his direction, but he does not seem to care much about the opinions of those around him.

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