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    ‘Completely different game’: Enthusiast compares an early demo of No Man’s Sky from 2013 to the current version of the game

    Many gamers are probably aware of the challenging space sandbox release from Hello Games. No Man’s Sky was released in 2016, but it was completely different from the game that the developers advertised. The studio added and improved the visual component and content with regular patches. An enthusiast named Cycu1 decided to check how the developers coped with the updates by comparing the latest actual version of No Man’s Sky with an early demo. As it turned out, the game still does not look like commercials, but it only looks better.

    For comparison, we took a demonstration of the game from the VGX 2013 Best Games Awards ceremony and the PlayStation 5 version of the project. huge visual difference.

    No Man’s Sky looks like a completely different game now. The developers from Hello Games have simplified the relief of the planets, but significantly increased their diversity and improved the quality of the textures. The current version of the open world project looks much better than the pre-recorded video on the game engine.

    No Man’s Sky is available on PC and all current platforms.

    As seen on PlayGround

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