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    Collegiate Call of Duty player reportedly banned for behavior in viral clip

    A collegiate Call of Duty player has reportedly been banned from their esports program and CCL team for their behavior captured in the viral clip of two teams arguing at a LAN event. 

    Earlier this week, a video of a heated exchange between two Call of Duty teams at a Contender Gaming Network event went viral as both teams passionately yelled expletives at each other after an intense match. Other clips show players yelling during and before the game, providing more insight into the heated environment. Most fans enjoyed the intense situation, which seemingly ended peacefully after each team expressed themselves. But the situation ultimately led to at least one player being banned from their college esports program for their behavior in the video. 

    As reported by Jake Lucky, Call of Duty player Q claims he was banned from his school’s esports program for “talking trash at a local.” It’s unclear what specific action was the cause for his ban, but they can longer represent their school in competitive matches. 

    Collegiate Call of Duty teams typically hold their players to a high standard since they represent the college or university in an official capacity. The responses to Q’s ban have been split since some believe it is overkill while others think it’s a just decision. Regardless, Q can no longer play for their collegiate team, which might lead other players to think twice about their actions at a LAN event. 

    Update April 27 12pm CT: Q confirmed to Dot Esports that Miami University banned him for “trash talking” another team at the event, breaking the university’s guidelines. Miami University also issued a statement confirming Q “breached their agreement” and saying the “correct course of action was taken.”

    As seen on Dot Esports

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