Choco-sensei’s Ridiculous Excuse


Choco-sensei's Absurd Reason For Not Participating This Time...

Choco-sensei’s Absurd Reason For Not Participating This Time…

Yuzuki Choco and Takane Lui from hololive recently had a special candy-themed stream, but one notable absence was the mysterious Ryushen. Choco-sensei had a surprising reason for not participating in this particular event…

The Absence

During the stream, Choco-sensei revealed that she didn’t want to participate in a Mario Kart tournament that was being organized. Her reason? She felt that when she participates, nobody else wins! Quite the bold claim. Choco-sensei mentioned feeling bad about continuously winning and hinted at the desire to let others have a chance to shine.

Competitive Edge

It’s clear that Choco-sensei takes her gaming skills seriously. She admitted to consistently winning the Mario Kart tournament for the past three years. However, she seems to be feeling conflicted about her victories, recognizing that her abilities might be preventing others from experiencing the thrill of winning. Interestingly, Choco-sensei feels sorry for her potential competitors, expressing concern that they might end up in last place without her presence.

Choco-sensei’s Ridiculous Excuse

Playful Banter and Rivalry

Amidst the discussion, Choco-sensei mentioned her desire to practice for the upcoming tournament, but Lui dismissed this idea, stating that Mario Kart is purely based on luck. This lighthearted banter highlights the playful rivalry and competitive spirit between the two Vtubers.

Choco-sensei expressed her fondness for the game and revealed that she enjoys playing it, although she acknowledged that her luck in the game has been less than stellar lately. Despite this, she still holds a strong desire to win, even if it means facing her top rival and acknowledging her superiority.

Positive Conclusion

Despite Choco-sensei’s decision not to participate in the Mario Kart tournament, her absence from the event added an element of surprise and a touch of humor to the situation. Her reasons for staying out of the competition show her consideration for her fellow Vtubers and her desire to see them succeed. It’s clear that her absence brings a sense of camaraderie and fairness to the gaming community. Regardless, this lighthearted discussion showcases the fun and playful nature of the Vtuber world, and fans can look forward to more entertaining and unexpected moments in the future!

Choco-sensei’s Ridiculous Excuse