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    China plans to adopt a single standard for fast charging, which will later be promoted around the world

    China has decided to develop a single fast charging standard for devices sold in the country. Local authorities hope that the standard will eventually be accepted as a global reference, writes The Register.

    The China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) held the first meeting of the Committee to Promote Fast Charging Terminal Technology and Standards (TC626). At the meeting, Wang Peng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that “it is essential to promote the establishment of compatible and unified fast charging standards.” He also said that in addition to environmental initiatives and the coordination of industrial development, the standardization of chargers will “expand the impact of industrial development.”

    According to the representative of the TC626 committee, the timely transformation of fast charging standards into international standards can allow China to achieve leadership in this area. While the technical details are unknown, but a single standard for fast charging should give its developers an advantage over competitors. For example, China will be able to compete with companies like the American Qualcomm, which is promoting Quick Charge technology for smartphones based on Snapdragon chipsets.

    Reducing Chinese smartphone makers’ reliance on Qualcomm could help China meet its goal of being self-sufficient in chips by 2035. The standard will also help Chinese smartphone makers avoid spending on independent development.

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