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    Cat breeding RPG Mewgenics, from the creator of The Binding Of Isaac, has a new release window

    Do you still remember Mewgenics? The quirky cat-breeding RPG is the brainchild of Super Meat Boy co-creator and The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen, and has been in and out for ten years. After the game was announced, delayed, and relaunched, it appears to have received a new release window.

    McMillen tweeted an image of two adorable cats from The Binding of Isaac art game. The tweet contains a link to the game’s Steam page, which lists the game’s release date as 2024.

    What is Mewgenics? In the game, players will have to collect and raise hundreds of cats in order to train them and send them into battle. Or, as the Steam game description says, Mewgenics is “a turn-based sim with cat roguelike elements!”. The game boasts “100 hours” of gameplay, multiple classes with over 50 unique abilities, over 200 enemies and more.

    Mewgenics was first announced in 2012 and McMillen called it “the weirdest project I’ve ever worked on”. McMillen worked on it with Tyler Gleil; they previously collaborated on The End is Nigh, among other games. Initially, the game was called something between Pokémon, The Sims and Animal Crossing, and was scheduled for release in 2014. Of course, it was shelved and development was put on hold in 2016 when McMillen started work on The Legend of Bum-Bo, which was released in 2019. At the time, McMillen was unsure about the future of Mewgenics, but in 2018 he announced that he was reworking the game to release “in a few years”.

    The game is due out for PC, but it’s unknown if it’s coming to iOS.

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