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    Cartoon action-platformer Meteoheroes now available on physical media for PS4 in Europe

    Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España), RB Games and GammeraNest have announced that their cartoon action-platformer Meteoheroes has become physically available for PS4 in the EU.

    MeteoHeroes is also being released digitally for PS5 on the PlayStation Store, where you already own the digital version for PS4. And, of course, you can also find it on Steam. MeteoHeroes is part of a franchise created by Mondo TV SpA and Meteo Operations Italia (MOPI). What is this video game about? MeteoHeroes is faithful to the original cartoons that lead the way in raising children’s awareness of sustainability and protecting the environment.

    All MeteoHeroes stories deal with environmental conflicts in a way that teaches the importance of environmental responsibility in a fun and positive way. His video game version uses one of the favorite languages ​​of the little ones to teach this message.

    GammeraNest and RB Games have developed a brilliant platform game in which the player must control up to six team members to take on the Malkulans. They have devised a twisted plan to destroy the Earth once and for all, which will take the weather heroes through ten levels, eight of which recreate iconic locations on the planet.

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