Capcom Roasts Dragon’s Dogma 2 Critics


Capcom Responds to Dragon's Dogma 2 Backlash

Capcom Responds to Dragon’s Dogma 2 Backlash

Update from the Developer

In response to the concerns raised by the community, the Dragon’s Dogma 2 development team has provided an update on the current status of the game. Addressing issues such as crashes, bugs, and save file problems, the team has taken steps to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Save File Options

One of the key points highlighted in the update is the addition of a feature in the Steam version that will allow players to restart the game. While this is a step in the right direction, there have been calls for multiple save file options to be made available to players. The developers are considering this feedback and may provide further updates in the future.

Paid DLC Clarification
The team has clarified that all items listed as paid DLC can also be obtained through in-game methods. This ensures that players have the option to acquire additional content without any financial commitments.

Capcom Roasts Dragon’s Dogma 2 Critics

Performance Improvements

Acknowledging concerns regarding frame rate and CPU usage, the developers are actively working on optimizing settings to reduce GPU load. This demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the technical performance of the game for all players.

While the update may not address all the issues raised by the community, it shows that Capcom is listening to player feedback and taking steps to improve the overall gaming experience. Positive steps like these are crucial in building trust and maintaining a strong relationship between developers and players. Fans of Dragon’s Dogma 2 can look forward to further updates and improvements as the development continues.

Capcom Roasts Dragon’s Dogma 2 Critics