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    Canceled 3DO M2 console games can be emulated in MAME

    Many may be hearing about the 3DO M2 console for the first time. It was supposed to be the successor to the popular 3DO game console. Unfortunately, it was unexpectedly canceled in 1997 due to pressure from newer consoles such as Nintendo’s N64 and Sony’s PlayStation.

    However, the legacy of the 3DO M2 didn’t end there. The 3DO M2 has become a very valuable item for retro console collectors. The console is in high demand due to the fact that this hardware rarely gets into hands. Collectors like Video Game Esoterica are among the people who have access to this very rare console. Only 5 games were released for it, which were very much in demand, so collectors and enthusiastic retro gamers could keep them.

    These 5 old games are now emulated on the MAME emulator, which means that they can now be played on PC, given that you can have a high performance processor. The achievement was researched by popular retro gaming enthusiast Anthony Bacon, who runs the aforementioned Youtube channel. The YouTube video details all the details of the project. Anthony runs all games released on the 3DO M2.

    The description of the video reads:

    “Ever since I released the 3DO M2 Portfolio source code, people have been asking if you can emulate 3DO M2 in MAME? and if so, how is the emulation? Well, let’s see how Tobe! Polystars, Evil Night, Total Vice, Battle Tryst and Heat of Eleven work in MAME! Because keeping retro games is important!”

    The MAME emulator is designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems in software form on modern PCs. This emulator is widely used by retro game keepers to prevent old games from being lost. Anthony played 3DO M2 games on the MAME emulator and all but Battle Tryst worked successfully.

    Battle Tryst did not launch because it uses a different graphics rendering mode. All the other 4 titles were able to work successfully, but with their drawbacks – they did not work at full speed.

    A powerful processor is required, Anthony says, and earlier generations may result in slower speeds than what he experienced in testing.

    As seen on PlayGround

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