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    Call of Duty Flute Streamer Pulls Off Another Incredible Trick

    You may remember the streamer who flunked someone in Call of Duty last month using a flute as a controller. He’s back, and the trick he pulled off with the same instrument six weeks later far surpasses the impressive feat he pulled off in September.

    The streamer’s name is DeanoBeano, and while he’s known for playing Call of Duty with a variety of different instruments, flute kills are undoubtedly his most notable accomplishments. This latest musical feat, which you can watch below, comes with the added note that the streamer spent a total of nine hours making it happen. Hence the profanity that followed immediately after.

    The previous killing of DeanoBeano with a flute was a tense affair. He played different notes for aiming and pulling the trigger to achieve what many would consider impossible. The sequel is much more tense. While falling from the sky, the streamer shoots into the distance, aiming at someone barely visible. After being fired, the streamer falls to the ground and dies, with the UI telling it that they hit the target.

    Playing games with improvised controllers is very much in vogue right now. Elden Ring players love to do this just to make an already very difficult game even harder. Someone defeated the game’s first boss using a controller made out of bananas, and another streamer defeated Malenia in the first level using a dance mat.

    As seen on PlayGround

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