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    Bungie appears to be working on a new competitive game set in the Destiny universe

    Bungie already has enough to worry about with Destiny 2, but the developer has other projects, of course. One project that has been repeatedly reported recently is a new IP that, according to job postings, will be a multiplayer action game. In addition, it seems that the company is developing another project.

    Bungie recently posted a job posting for a senior concept artist for an “exciting new game”. The announcement mentions “promoting the aesthetics of the Destiny universe” as one of the responsibilities, suggesting that the game will be set in the same universe. It also cites work on “elements such as weapons, characters, armor, vehicles, environments, and other seasonal art needs.” Interestingly, “work experience and love for competitive games” is also mentioned as one of the “essential skills”.

    Destiny games, of course, have always had a strong competitive component, so the latter is not a surprise. While it’s safe to assume this is a new standalone Destiny spinoff (since a full-fledged sequel seems unlikely right now given how active Destiny 2 remains and will continue to be for the foreseeable future), it’s much more likely to be the Destiny mobile game that rumored to be , created in collaboration with NetEase.

    Bungie, of course, is currently in the process of being acquired by Sony, with the deal expected to close by the end of this year. However, as the developer has repeatedly emphasized, all future games it releases will remain multi-platform, despite Bungie’s future status as a PlayStation studio.

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